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Tips to Sell Your Home in the Fall

It’s common knowledge that spring is the peak real estate season and the best time of year to sell a house. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell (and make a profit) during other times of the year, including the fall. What is the market like for fall real estate? While it’s ...

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4 Things You Should Do When Selling a Home in the Fall

When we think about the best time to list a home for sale, we tend to land on spring, followed by summer. These are the times when the weather gets warm and families with school-aged children may be more eager to pack up and move. But if you’ve missed the ...

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Moving can be stressful for people, so just imagine how anxious it can make your pets. They can easily get stressed out when there’s unexpected activity in their home or when they’re introduced to a new environment. I’ve moved with four cats and a fish, and it’s not an easy ...

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